Justin Beckler

Album Title: Oh! My Troubled Mind
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Rock/Soul
Justin Beckler has self produced a beautiful album that truly speaks to the life and times of this generation and those before. He has even included the help of his relatives, Zachary Beckler on hand percussion and Megan Beckler for the cover art, proving he wanted an organic, homemade sound, nothing over produced. Opening with the powerful "This Mountain", the hand claps and bass vocal levels give you the sense that Beckler's instrumentation speaks for itself; soul music that's original and very driven by blues influences finding its roots in the deep south, especially since Beckler is from Atlanta, Georgia. "Freedom" sounds so familiar in a wonderful way, like any catchy power anthem would. He's comparable to Ray LaMontagne in genre, but is definitely distinctive when it comes to lyrics and vocal tone.

"Deliver Me" is the gem of the album showing off Beckler's soulfully triumphant vocals and lyrical talent with phrasing like "I've been stumbling through the desert/ walked for miles in your shoes/ through the fire and the wreckage/ still your vision shining through." Beckler shows the shadows and depths of the human experience, the longing we experience each day for things to go right and have things smooth over. No matter what music you're into, this is a staple of American roots rock this year as Beckler speaks of a cry for love that'll take you through the darkness, this vision is innate and makes this album a remarkable treat for those who like to sing along through their triumphs and sorrows.

For more information please visit: www.justinbeckler.com.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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