Album Title: You and Others
Release Date: October 30, 2006
Genre: Rock Pop
It's inevitable. The quirky pop songs, humable guitar riffs, and introspective ballads Vega4 present on their major-label debut earn the band scads of comparisons to the Snow Patrol-Coldplay-Killers set. The London-based four-piece does, in fact, have tons in common with that lot, not least of which is the desire to walk that tricky success/cred tightrope.

However, all it takes is a read through the album sleeve to discover what makes Vega4 their own entity. You'll soon find that in the world of Vega4, there is no rhyming "love" with "dove." They've never even heard of such a thing. In terms of lyrics, songwriter/vocalist Johnny McDaid launches his band clear out of the basal waters of rock.

And you can't forget McDaid's voice. Its control and clarity is displayed no better on You and Others than on the verses of "Tearing Me Apart" (the rumbling bassline isn't so bad either). But for the full effect, one must experience the band live; on epic tracks like "Bullets," McDaid's breathtaking vocals near Buckley-esque grandeur. It's one of those rare cases where stage surpasses record.

You and Others has no qualms about putting its best right up front, including both singles and Grey's Anatomy contribution "Life is Beautiful." However, the track listing does allow single-worthy gem "A Billion Tons of Light" to hideout in the back end. While North American hipsters will likely find fault with the non-challenging, "sensitive Brit" nature of You and Others, the rest of the world will begin singing along any minute now.

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Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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