Album Title: The Open Door
Release Date: October 2, 2006
Genre: Alt Rock
"The Open Door" marks the long-awaited return of Evanescence, who, after three years, swoop back into the charts with a new line-up and a whole new attitude in their song writing and musical penchants, yet still retain the essential nucleus that makes their songs so captivating. Having to follow up the internationally-successful "Fallen" is no small feat, especially since "Bring Me to Life" and "My Immortal" were such big hits, but lead-singer Amy Lee and her new recruits rise to the challenge, producing a fresh new set that epitomises Evanescence's unique blend of anthemic rock and harmonious vocal arrangements.

Notable among this set includes the tempestuous the new single, "Call Me When Your Sober", which is imbued with Amy's retrospective thoughts on the break-up of a relationship, to the mesmerising "Snow White Queen" and "Weight of the Word", an ode to band life and the vagabond existence of touring. The racing guitar riffs of "Sweet Sacrifice" are countered with the more melodic arrangements of the ethereal "Lithium", reminiscent of "My Immortal" - haunting, heart-wrenching, and hypnotic, threaded throughout with a backing choir recorded in an old chapel.

The songs are tighter and crisper than those on "Fallen", with Amy Lee displaying impressive growth as a singer-songwriter, her lyrics and vocals challenging and provocative. The overall sound of the recording also elicits the band's development in combining thrashing guitars with softer, enthralling harmonies, especially on "Snow White Queen" and "Lithium". Now about to embark on their new world tour with Revelation Theory, Evanescence is set to scale even greater heights than before, and "The Open Door" will certainly gain them even more fans.

Writer: Steve Bromby

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