Jill Barber

Album Title: For All Time
Release Date: October 2006
Genre: Folk
It's a beautiful thing when both brother and sister have success in the music industry; this is the story of Jill and Matthew Barber. Jill doesn't ride her brother's coattails however, if this album is any evidence, it shows that Jill has a unique folk sound with soft, whispy vocals. "Don't Go Easy" has some divine slide guitar and backing vocals by Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo which round out the sound nicely.

"When I'm Makin' Love to You" touches on Jill's playful songwriting nature and adds a cheerful piano and clarinet to set the tone of the track. She acknowledges lying, temptation, and premarital sex when she says, "I know lying is a sin/when I'm lying here with you." While Barber addresses that what is being done is a wrong in the narrative, she also comments on the difficulty many find when saying no to premarital sex because of "÷the kind of love I'm in makes it hard not to". So there is a very human element being acknowledged throughout the CD, knowing the struggle people have with this thing called temptation. It also speaks to wanting a kind of love you don't have to be sorry for, a common thread that binds humanity.

Barber's rolling vocals, indie appeal, and light vocals matched with the likes of Luke Doucet, Jim Cuddy, and Matthew Barber make it an intimate CD filled with a bevy of surprise commentary on seeking more and being more for others, like on "Ashes to Ashes" where Barber says we "try to match the love we give with the love that we've been given." A very thoughtful record that can be appreciated from this Canadian songstress.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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