Album Title: Delirious? Now is the Time: Live at Willow Creek
Release Date: October 18, 2006
Genre: Rock
CD/DVD combos seem to be getting a whole lot slicker. With U2 coming out with their 3D DVD and now Delirious? showing an orchestra of camera operators, lighting teams, and sound technicians working at top form to make the DVD experience feel live, even for those of us without surround sound. No longer can bands throw in a couple of music videos to satisfy their fans in these combos, they need behind the scenes and a DVD of stellar quality. Happily, Delirious? have delivered nothing but the best of their outstanding live experience. From the funky, easy to use menus to the behind the scenes documentary with the eerie car accident and an intimate look at their recording and songwriting process, the documentary alone captures the humble-natured talent at home in England.

The staging at Willow Creek, located just outside of Chicago, was brilliant. The lights displaying purples, blues, golds, and greens bouncing off the guitars and drums with every beat. The songs from Mission Bell and were even better seen in a live setting. For those who like to sing along, the lyric feature is great, especially for youth groups who aren't able to catch the band live. I will forever be impressed with the band and this DVD compilation, it's a must have for anyone on your Christmas list.

Check out a sample here:

"Rain Down":

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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