The Submarines

Album Title: Declare A New State
Release Date: June 20, 2006
Genre: Rock
Declare A New State has got to be about the oddest wedding gift in existence. The rumour goes that John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard hooked up as both the Submarines and as a couple. Then things turned sour, and during their time apart Dragonetti and Hazard wrote songs about what else, their break-up. These songs are the ones found on Declare A New State. It was after they realized "life made more sense together" that they got back together, and their friend subsequently mastered the album as a present to them both. Don't worry, that back story wasn't for naught.

It's only with the history of the Submarines and Declare A New State that the duo's music can be fully appreciated. For example, before this writer had a chance to learn about the back story, all I thought was "Ah, another quirky indie album. Great." But once Dragonetti's and Hazard's tear-splattered road to the 10-track effort was revealed, Declare took on a new form.

People always complain that today's music is soulless. The artists of yesteryear were actually invested in their music; they really meant what they sung. Well, finally, here is an album that can shut all those people up. It only takes Hazard singing "It breaks my heart to break your heart/I know that means I'm still in love" on the song "Clouds" to know that this isn't just another quirky indie album to add to the stack. They really mean it. And it breaks your heart to know it.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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