The Brooks Sisters

Album Title: The Carport Sessions
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Folk
Katherine and Caroline Brooks, otherwise known as the Brooks Sisters, have playing music their entire lives. Growing up in Whitby, Ontario, the girls provided back-up vocals in their family band, performing on a provincial scale. Now that they're all grown-up, the Sisters decided to step it up a notch. Though they broke away from the family band, the Brooks Sisters didn't break too far away from their original sound. The duo's 12-track debut is rooted in folk and sung in sweet, clear voices. However, they do jump around, a bit of jazz poking through here a few pop hooks there. Akin to Dala or the Wreckers, Katherine and Caroline share lead vocals and often sing simultaneously for that classic folk sound. And that's the charm of The Carport Sessions: It's not trying too hard, and it's not too serious. With their playful and airy sound, the Brooks Sisters will no doubt do well in the Folk Fest scene, and if it should be, beyond.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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