Sonic City

Album Title: Sonic City
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Rock
Sunset Strip should be utterly heartbroken that Sonic City wasn't around during its 80s heyday. Motley Crue and Poison made the L.A. scene famous, but Sonic City could've been crowned the kings of the movement had they been given the chance. Blistering guitar licks, aggressive drumming, and scratchy vocals permeate the band's self-titled debut, and there's no doubt that their brand of crazy rock would've trumped all. Of course, the Vancouver band would've had a better chance to top the list of Sunset Strip bands had their show-stealing lead guitarist even been born the year Motley Crue's debut dropped.

Branded "The Rock and Roll Kid" and said to be headed for musical greatness, Danny Sveinson wasn't even around to see the Crue's landmark Dr. Feelgood hit in 1989. In fact, he was born nearly half a decade later. That's right, Sveinson is 13-years-old, and he's played with Les Paul. Not a Les Paul, but the Les Paul. But as jealous as Sveinson's musical chops might make the rest of us, it doesn't mean Sonic City automatically gets props.

In the year 2006 indie rockers like Death Cab For Cutie and the Strokes have become household names, and that means Sonic City is bordering on kitsch. The band may have missed their prime time to rule the world, but if the four-piece ever gets a chance to go on tour with fellow throwback metalheads the Darkness, the world could see a different type of retro rock take hold.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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