Shawn Hebb

Album Title: Tourist
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Pop/Rock
Easy, breezy, jangly guitar pop is the order of the day for Shawn Hebb. Guitarist, pianist, singer, lyricist, and former army brat, Hebb is a multi-talented performer, and Tourist is the shimmering product of all that talent. There's nothing too challenging about the 10-track recordˇhence the initial easy, breezy comment. Hebb's got those kind of vocals that ring of normalcy and comfort, and sound like they could be coming from that earnest English major who lives two doors down in res, never to be seen without guitar in hand. That might sound more like an insult than a compliment, but a compliment it is neverthelessˇnot everyone needs to be Jeff Buckley anyways. It's a little bit Shins, it's a little bit Snow Patrol, and it's even a little bit Jack Johnson. But most important of all, Tourist is all good.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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