MaryKate OíNeil

Album Title: 1-800-Bankrupt
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Pop Rock
One gets the feeling that in high school MaryKate O'Neil was the one with dyed blue hair hanging out in the portables offering to pierce her friends' noses using some ice and a sewing needle. Just a little bit strange and a little off-kilter, O'Neil probably never even once thought about conforming to the masses. And while she was never the popular kid, everyone knew she was hipper and more cutting-edge than they ever could be. Of course that could be a completely wrong evaluation of O'Neil's school days, but there's also a good chance it's spot on, considering her nasally vocals, free-spirit lyrics and quirky song titles (check: "I Sleep With My Clothes On" and "Remember The Year We Were Normal"). Unfortunately, besides top-notch lyrics, there's nothing too incredibly outstanding about 1-800-Bankrupt. Maybe if O'Neil joined a band, and smashed her creative head around with a few others', she could become the next Karen O or Deborah Harry.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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