Amanda Mabro

Album Title: Superwoman in the Making
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Jazz/Pop
If Amanda Mabro and her Cabaret Band hailed from anywhere in Canada besides Montreal, something would feel off. Montreal is Canada's arts centre (and no, not just because the Arcade Fire made it famous), and its European flair and metropolitan feel give the city an edge many others in the country lack. Mabro's deep, sultry vocals and prominent upright bass lines harken images of smoky jazz clubs with high-class patronsóa scene that's fitting for Mabro's Montreal. Superwoman in the Making is the band's debut record, and without knowing exactly what they wanted to accomplish, it's probably not wrong to say that Amanda Mabro & the Cabaret Band are proud of the album they've created. Musically lush, with strings and pianos galore, and spot-on producing, Superwoman in the Making is a wonderful piece of jazz-pop past and present.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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