Jars of Clay

Album Title: Good Monsters
Release Date: September 5, 2006
Genre: Rock
The much anticipated release Good Monsters triumphs as a thought provoking statement that reveals the truth about our good intentions and the mistakes and apathy we've done along the way. "not all monsters are bad/but the ones who are good/never do what they could" says the title track. Jars of Clay speak about justice, and how they've endured through faith in the darker crevices of their lives, in their own hearts, and what they've seen in the world. Stand out tracks include "Work" which sounds like it's commenting on the daily struggles we all face, to the radio friendly hit "Dead Man (Carry Me)" which goes well with the phrase, "my will be a dead man", great track when praying for God to take over in your life where things have gotten too big to handle. Leigh Nash makes a sweet cameo on "Mirrors & Smoke", which sounds like the talent of Johnny Cash at work, and "Light Gives Heat" which radiates the African sun through words. Each track has a new musical vision so the whole CD is full of variety of musical styles, but remains grounded in that each is both honest and poetic. Definitely a worthy buy.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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