Audio Adrenaline

Album Title: Adios
Release Date: August 1, 2006
Genre: Rock
When releasing a "greatest hits" album, it's always tempting to put together a clich» representation of what a band is all about. Adios does the opposite it delivers the band and their message with zeal. Through the throaty raw vocals of frontman Mark Stuart and softer vocals of Will McGinniss, Audio has a nice balance of vocal tone.

McGinniss has done an excellent job on vocals with such tracks as "Ocean Floor" and "Pierced", while Stuart rocks on "Big House", is just suited for his voice and perhaps because we're so used to seeing him take the lead on it. The lyrics have an energetic, party vibe, even when it's a bit of a slower track, and Audio A always ensure that their personal experiences flow with the anthems they sing, not only making this an uplifting rock record, but one that sings like the saved.

Check them out when they come to Toronto in November for their Farewell Tour, tickets are available here, and let 'em know Soul Shine sent you.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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