Boy Kill Boy

Album Title: Civilian
Release Date: July 25, 2006
Genre: Rock
With sincere apologies and all respect to the great Leonard Cohen, the best way to sum up this album is "I've seen the future baby, it is Boy Kill Boy."

Finally, an album that wipes clean the industry notion that to make a great CD you need a slick producer (or three), assembly-line songwriters, a pretty face, great abs, tried but true marketing techniques and some finely staged tabloid drama. Boy Kill Boy's recipe for their CD Civilian combines equal amounts of sweat, blood, hope, desperation, aggression, sensitivity, joy, and rage, and cranks the volume.

This English group provides a great listening experience, right from the opening neo-punk track "Back Again" through to the melodic "Ivy Parker" and crunch pop of "Civil Sin" (the first single) right to the richly dark closer "Shoot Me Down" and hidden track "Exit". Bass riffs and drum rolls pop out of nowhere, their spontaneous honesty refreshing underneath the soaring keyboard and guitar chops; all players interpreting the songs individually yet remaining a unit, with no sanitizing formulas or predictable production tricks. The vocals churn along brilliantly like another melodic instrument reflecting the album's overall theme of hope in increasingly desperate times. These boys are ready to fight. Check out the CD and join up.

Writer: DJ Richie Dynamite

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