Phil Wickham

Album Title: Phil Wickham
Release Date: April 25, 2006
Genre: Rock
His self titled album after releasing "Give you My World" in 2003, is really a break out album for Wickham. He is touring with Audio A before they wrap things up this year and MercyMe a band this is breaking through borders to the mainstream for their upbeat honesty. Wickham has definitely cornered honesty. His search for something more than religion, and a personal relationship with Jesus really comes across in this release. But it's not sappy, you sense the sincerity,"I need eyes to be my guide/I need a voice that's louder than mine/I need hope and I need you/cause I can't do this alone/". The whole album is a prayer, one I'm sure each of us has thought at some point, that's why his story and songs translate so well.

His vocal vibratos remind me of Jeff Buckley, but Wickham is more controlled, less improvisational than Buckley. Wickham has most likely done this intentionally so the lyrics ring out. "Messiah" and "Grace" speak of longing and crashing symbols of gentleness. I wouldn't be surprised if Phil had just pressed record on a tape recorder, gotten lost in the beauty of prayer, and found in playback God was really leading Him to the lyrics for this record, that's how freeflowing the CD is, the tracks continue each other, building upon thoughts, longing, and maintaining confidence of God's Word by trusting Him with your life. An excellent view of worship from the honesty of a heart flooded with grace.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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