Sigur Ros

Album Title: SÊglÛpur
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Rock Opera
I'm not really about minimalism, even with classical music there's some crescendo, so when listening to Sigur Ros' latest chiming I thought I'd hear a couple of raindrops every five minutes. What I heard was a feeling, much like classical music evokes, but more like a rock opera, you may not get the lyrics, but it brings about vibrant emotions with the drum beats and rock rhythms, such as on "Refur". I was pleased to see that the thematic story on the SÊglÛpur music video, while it depicts a drowning of a man, it also shows his rescue and survives after his arrival back to his loved one. So while the EP may leave you minimalistic and trembling for meaning, there are moments on the DVD and in the bittersweet piano that bring you to realize, by the very title of the album (A Lost Seafarer in English), that rescue is possible whatever the storm may be.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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