Album Title: One Cold Night
Release Date: June 13, 2006
Genre: Rock
Remember the onslaught of "live acoustic" albums that flooded record stores in the mid 90s? Everyone had one: Eric Clapton, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and even (gasp) Mariah Carey. Many of these CDs enhanced the artists' repertoire while a few simply became irrelevant.

So which of the aforementioned categories does Seether's latest live acoustic entitled "One Cold Night" fall into? Well, it does provide fans with a different take on some of their favourite tracks, yet I also believe that the disc neither helps nor hinders their creative endeavours.

That being said, the CD is still pretty good. This hard rocking South African band, riding the tour circuit for the last eighteen months, documented this one-off acoustic set at Philadelphia's Grape Street in February 2006. An added treat for fans is the bonus DVD of the performance with extra features.

Including 'Gasoline', 'Diseased', and other songs spanning their three studio CDs (plus a cover of Pearl Jam's 'Immortality'), "One Cold Night" successfully demonstrates Seether's awesome tightness as a band. On 'Broken', the band's biggest hit, one expects to lament the absence of Amy Lee's stirring backup vocals, but singer Shaun Morgan's throaty solo brings a fresh edginess to the track. In fact, all through the performance Morgan demonstrates why he is a vocal force to be reckoned with.

What I found missing was the performance's lack of intimacy. The band hardly looked at each other (on the DVD) and almost never addressed the audience. Does this add to the band's mystique? Or does it betray cracks within the unit itself? You can read the recent headlines and judge for yourself, but as far as this release goes a little joking or storytelling (or even a smile) would have gone a long way.

Writer: DJ Richie Dynamite

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