Jonny Lang

Album Title: Turn Around
Release Date: September 2006
Genre: Blues Rock
The album starts with a church organ sample, but quickly picks up to the signature vocals of Jonny Lang turning off all stereotypes about what being for Jesus really means. Jonny has had amazing mainstream success with his brilliant blues guitar playing and singing with more soul than anyone I've known under the age of 30. Turn Around is a phrase that reflects the theme of this blues/rock album, and goes with what's been close to Jonny's heart in his personal life, his faith in Jesus Christ. Jonny is making a statement that he hopes will reach at least "one pair of ears"; that turning from the mess we're making of our world and our lives is only possible through faith in Jesus, the living God, who asked Jonny and all of us to come and know Him.

One of the most impactful songs on the album is "Only a Man", where Jonny sings "I used to live my life in fear/was worried all the time÷I had no peace of mind/the world became a darkened place/a struggle without end/although bitter times those were/÷ I began to understand I was only a man/I grew up singing songs in church with questions in my mind/then turned my back and ran away/ from God who gave me life/then one night His presence fell/ I wept and shook and then/I fell down and cried dear Jesus rescue me again/I understand/ I am only a man." Nickel Creek's Sara Watkins plays gorgeous violin and Jonny sings with his wife Haylie, who has a delicate whisper of a voice that fits perfectly with the beauty of the song. Turn Around is full of diversity of rhythm and mellow and upbeat tracks able to pick up your day, Jonny can go anywhere with his vocals, blues rock, gospel, jazz, pop, you name it and Jonny touches on it on Turn Around. A contender for one of the best albums with soul of this year with a message worthy of everyone's time.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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