Warren Barfield

Album Title: Reach
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Rock
Warren Barfield's liner notes close with stating "Life here is too short. Live for Eternity. Believe", these words along with the impactful lyrics on Reach dig deeper than your usual pop/rock album. Warren, with his soulful vocals, and testimony of how God reached for Him while he was in the pit of despair and hopelessness, is reflected as he sings about it on the track "Saved". The narrative nature of the lyrics linger with Warren's ability to make the music relative to everyone's experience with God and the struggles they may go through in life. "Unleashed" is a classic off the album and talks about the lies we believe when we choose to listen to our nay saying friends rather than thinking for ourselves. The lyrics go "I bought into all the hype/ I believed a lie/and I hope that they were right/and I could not fall but I fell so far."

The majority of the album is a retrospect of where we come from before we know God personally to when we know Him as our Savior. There is a great unplugged performance of Warren singing "Shadow" on his Myspace site, the album version is excellent too. "Shadow" talks about needing more than yourself to get through each day, and how God can provide that when you let Him. "I need more than a shadow/someone who won't go whenever life goes down/you're the only one I know whose love never lets go/we'll never be apart," sings Warren on "Shadow. Above all, the album contrasts how God can take our despair and refine it into joy and trusting more than ourselves throughout our lives, definitely a great album to keep on when times get rough.

For more information please visit www.warrenbarfield.com.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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