Bebo Norman

Album Title: Between the Dreaming and the Coming True
Release Date: September 19, 2006
Genre: Singer-Songwriter
If you want to be uplifted, listen to Bebo Norman. Not only does he make delightful music that brings glory to God, He also talks about relationships with "Sunday" and how it feels to be in love. Norman has catchy smooth hooks that you can hear in their purest sense, as if he just came up with a hook and went with it and it turned into the studio version. Not only is Between the Dreaming and the Coming True an easy listen, it's not your typical "praise God" album, it's more about love, and a love in which everyone can relate no matter where they are in knowing God. The title of the album also tells us where we are, we're between the believing and the coming true, it's not long until our joy is complete, Norman focuses on that and the love it brings. The breezy nature of the slide guitar, Norman's soft, yet passionate vocal range, is what makes fans keep coming back for more.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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