Krystal Meyers

Album Title: Dying for a Heart
Release Date: September 19, 2006
Genre: Pop
When I first heard Meyers she reminded me of Avril Lavigne. Now that I've listened to the album, I see how she stands out; instead of contemplating in her lyrics about what to do, they're filled with power vocals spoken with complete confidence. "Collide" says "I want to be broken by you and made brand new", strong words that speak boldly for someone so young. Meyers' vocals float over the rock riffs, yet at times seem a bit rehearsed such as on "The Beauty of Grace", but maybe that's just pop music and the sort of dedication she took into getting the album right. There is an excellent opening on "Love is on the Run", which I'd love to see more on her next album, it adds more of an edge and shows Meyers can experiment with her vocal tone and band as she grows musically. Overall, the lyrics speak to young women and provide words of wisdom from Meyers, whose going through what they are and that's what's important and is what is magnified throughout Meyers' albums.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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