The Earlies

Album Title: These Were The Earlies
Release Date: October 25, 2005
Genre: Rock
It must be hard being a band in Britain these days. The "it" scene seems to change weekly, thanks in no small part to the NME, and it doesn't take long to go from music saviour to laughing stock. The Earlies seemed to have escaped that for the most part (although the NME loooves them), which could all be thanks to the fact that only half of their members actually live in the UK, while the other half camps out in Texas. The influences named by the quartet include all the regulars, like the Byrds, the Band, the Beach Boys, and the Beatles. On These Were The Earlies, none can be heard so much as the Beach Boys with the vocal harmonies and delicate instrumentation. In fact, it's easy to go far enough and say they're on streak with the Polyphonic Spree when it comes to grandiose twee. This, the band's debut album, is a lovely thing to experience, with its mix of the insanely slow and the insanely catchy. Instrumental breaks bounce off the likes of "Morning Wonder," and it all goes floating off on the wings of airy vocals. Brilliant.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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