Album Title: These Trails Are Old And New
Release Date: October 2005
Genre: Rock
The first track on Octoberman's These Trails Are Old And New is about the hundreds of people who ditch out on North America every year to explore a new country, something Mark Morrissette himself did a couple years ago, and from his absolutely tragic sounding vocals it sounds like he's about ready to off himself because of it. Then one realizes that's just the way he sounds all the time. His perfectly forlorn vocals are somewhat disconcerting, leaving the listener hoping that the Vancouver artist will just pull through. Make it past the ache in his voice, and then it's possible to get down to the lyricsÖwhich are equally depressing. The folky sound of his music is the perfect backdrop for Morrissette's tone, and it works just as well when the sun comes out (sort of) like on "Tokyo Nightmare." It's a solid album all the way through, just don't listen to it on the tops any tall buildings or with a bottle of pills nearby.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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