Various Artists

Album Title: Ultra Trance 3
Release Date: January 27, 2004
Genre: Trance
Many styles of music, such as trance have their own sub-genres. This two disc journey does just that at two levels. Disc one features the more mainstream, commercial vocal trance hits such as Oakenfold's - "Hypnotized" and The Crystal Method's – "Born Too Slow". This is fine if you're into mixes with full vocals, but where this compilation really takes off is on disc two where things get much more progressive. These songs will pull you onto your feet at a fever pitch with their voyage through pulsing kicks, baselines and soundscapes. The top track has to be the remix of Underword's – "Born Slippy", which runs through some very cool fierce breakbeats to crunchy four on the floor kicks. Disc two's mixes are also far more superior to the quick fade-ins and outs of one. On the whole; it's a compilation well worth seeking out.

Writer: Paul Whitfield

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