Ric Ocasek

Album Title: Nexterday
Release Date: September 27, 2005
Genre: Rock
He may be doomed to forever be known as the ugly dude who married Christie Brinkley, but whatever Ric Ocasek's entry into the history books may hold, let's pray it also tells of his amazing contributions to music. As leader of the Cars, Ocasek lead the wave of New Wavers, and even today, he continues to crank out some pretty good tunes. Nexterday is his sixth solo effort (it's been eight years between this and the last one), and far from being merely listenable, the 11-track album is worthy of lots of ears, Ocasek's illustrious music past considered or not. There are enough prominent bass lines and catchy riffs for any discerning pop music fan, and of course, Ocasek's unmistakable sing-speak vocals are a huge draw. The Cars still haven't got as much mainstream recognition as they deserve, and that'll almost certainly be the case with Ocasek and his solo work, as sad as that may be.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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