Corduroy Kid

Album Title: The Sleep Project
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Hip Hop/Folk
The Sleep Project is the brainchild of Vancouver producer Shawn Hall (who also runs the OldSofa Music recording studio), and although it's his baby, it took the work of several artist to make the record happen. Featuring various MCs, DJs and vocalists who help flesh out Hall's vision, The Sleep Project mixes hip hop, blues, house and folk to great effect. Extremely listenable from beginning to end, the 10-track disc doesn't play out like a rap, hip hop or even dance record per se, but it definitely contains those elements. You're never going to see a Corduory Kid video on Much Music's Much on Demand, but what Hall is doing is too high class for that anyways. Even those who don't count themselves as hip hop fans will find something to enjoy in The Sleep Project, and those who do will have to give respect to Hall for the skill and finesse he uses to build upon its foundation.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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