Album Title: When You Laugh the World Laughs With You When You Cry You Cry Alone
Release Date: Dec. 8,2005
Genre: Folk Rock
If ever a person needs a definition of "twang," merely direct them to Oldseed's When You Laugh The World Laughs With You When You Cry You Cry Alone and they will come away with a complete understanding of the term. Nasally, long drawn consonants is what it's all about, and that's what you get with the 10 tracks on When You Laugh. As it were, the mouthful of a title that Craig Bjerring decided to slap on his album contrasts greatly with the music that he creates under the name Oldseed. Sparse and stripped right down to the bare bones of music, Bjerring's sophomore effort features little more than the overflowing twang of his voice, an acoustic guitar, and a little bit of bass thrown in for good measure. If he had been born 70 years ago, there's no doubt that Oldseed would've done just fine without all these new fandangled electric instruments, and found a nice spot amongst the cowboy poets of yore.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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