Various Artists

Album Title: This Is Indie Rock ń Volume 3
Release Date: November 8, 2005
Genre: Rock
The compilation This Is Indie Rock features real, live indie rock. Not the "genre" and not the "style", but real independent artists, which accounts for the subtitle The Best Bands You've Never Heard. Artists from all over the globe are represented here, including England, Denmark, the USA, and Switzerland, giving hope to multiple nations at once. The fact that just one label, Deep Elm Records, could find enough unknown acts to fill three amazing volumes dispels that age-old notion that rock is headed for the dump heap. All of the bands share a similar enough style that it creates a cohesive album, but they're different enough to keep it interesting, spanning folk, pop punk, and rap. In short, Deep Elm knows their audience just as well as they know good music. It's alright to feel completely safe in their hands and look for the next emo anthem while you're at it. (Could it be Encyclopedia's "Let's Be Friends"? Could it?)

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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