Michael Holland

Album Title: Tomorrows American Treasures
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Roots
When a person says "North Carolina" there really isn't a music style that comes to mind. There isn't even a specific musician or band that pops out at the mention of that particular state, but Michael Holland is on a mission to change that. Using the Big Fat Gap bluegrass band to back him, it's obvious that Holland is by no means stuck in the past. Keeping Appalachian Traditional in mind, he's forging forward with the North Carolina sound straight to the 21st Century. Holland makes sure this is clear right from the get go: The first track on his second full-length is called "Crystal Meth Freak From California." Even the title of the album, Tomorrows American Treasures, states his vision. The rollicking upright bass, fiddle, and banjo are smashing, but it's the ballads like "Lighten Up Angel" that pushes the music over the edge. For (ultra) vintage music with a '00s twist, check out Michael Holland.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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