Silver Hearts

Album Title: Dear Stranger
Release Date: April 2006
Genre: Rockabilly/Folk
Silver Hearts is the folk version of Broken Social Scene with membership that figures in the double digits and whose instrumentation reflects the diversity of the cast: drums bass guitar, piano, sousaphone, theramin, trombone, trumpet, harmonicas and accordian.

The music has the sepia toned quality of a lazy jaunt through dusty ghost towns. There is a joie de vivre in their songs that harkens to early blues, country, and folk traditions.

Back with their third LP Dear Stranger, Silver Hearts has perfected the laidback polish of experience and injects confidence into the old school sound. Given the old school quality of the sound, the vocals are surprisingly clean with a slight affected twang, which straddles the border
between endearing and irritating.

Dear Stranger hits its mark with a fantastic upbeat pseudo gospel track "New Pilgram" that shows off the skill of the ensemble and emits the kind of manic boisterousness rampant in a raucous saloon. "6 Shots" continues the quick paced festivity while "Sweet on you" is a little more sober and rueful but loses none of the streak of rebellion.

Dear Stranger comes into its own midway through the album when it dispenses with the pop melodies and delves into more original compositions. Silver Hearts has created a solid dose of lovely eclectic folk to which people can happily sing, clap and stomp their feet.

Writer: Frieda Luk

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