Album Title: Landscape Verses
Release Date: March 2006
Genre: Alt Rock/Metal
Is it possible to be both melodic and hard rock at the same time? Victoria based Kincaide has managed to meld piano into thrashing vocals and violent guitars to produce a semi coherent full length debut effort. Though some of the dark gothic sensibilities seems a bit derivative, the passion for the music is evident.

Kincaide has coalesced into an interesting hybrid of pop rock and metal, a feat that would on the outset seem impossible. Each song on the album is a play on contradiction. In "Something Survived"the track combines a mellow intro that explodes into full throttle guitars. The
vocals are watertight both in its epic emotional delivery and hardcore metal influences. The hooks are tight, the baseline is clean, and the production is fluid.

Having played on the Warped Tour, it's not surprising that there is a thread of mainstream appeal on the album. Should Kincaide continue its diverse sound that includes ballads to progressive rock, they might pick up fans left over from the wave of 90s hardcore punk and the newly polished Evanescence.

Writer: Frieda Luk

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