Dust Poets

Album Title: Lovesick Town
Release Date: February 2006
Genre: Folk/Pop
Oh how Canadian to be folk inspired pop (or pop inspired folk) that happens to be quirky and eclectic much like the "stuff" in your grandmother's attic. Dust poets, formed in 2001 in Brandon, Manitoba, has the quaint charm of the prairies and the presence of dust blowing in the wind, meaning that the strong musicianship and quintessential playful lyrics of Lovesick town make a decisive momentary impact but doesn't last long.

The influences are wide ranging from blues, folk, country, and jazzy interludes. Dust Poets rounds out the eclectism with creative interpretations done on mandolin, accordian, clarinet, and horns. Perhaps the mandolin might be reason enough to get the album, I mean, how often are you going to hear a country song with mandolin? Probably not often enough.

The vocals are melodically sound replete with four part harmonies and not a note out of tune. Lovesick town is a throwback to the earnest songwriting of an era when talent meant something.

The album is a solid effort by musicians who have sharpened their teeth on experience but lacks the element of spontaneity that pushes music from good to great.

Writer: Frieda Luk

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