Album Title: The Picture Plane
Release Date: February 2006
Genre: Indie Rock
The quintet from rain soaked Vancouver has made the most of the weather. Their music is dreary, grey and wholly brood worthy. Hinterland's brand of indie rock is understated, introspective and a perfect complement to seasonal affective disorder. And I mean that in a good way.

The lo-fi soundscape is the perfect backdrop to vocals by Michaela Galloway, which quite frankly is weird but strangely appealing. The voice is hauntingly operatic and unearthly giving nice contrast to the terrestrial instrumentation that of all things has tinges of flutes and glocks.
Galloway manages to take the band's sonic concept and boost it out of mediocrity.

Starting from the brilliant first track "Sirens", the gloom oozes its way throughout the album with lyrics are also redolent of dark pithy expressions of pain and anger. In "Exit Signs" the angst is upfront and apparent: "I am so weighted down/I'm drowning in puddles/ I am losing the war". The melancholy can be a little overbearing at times and makes the album feel far longer than its 47 minutes. But hopefully with a little more restraint and polish Hinterland will completely capture the feel of cool anguished detachment that it has been heading towards.

Writer: Frieda Luk

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