Run Chico Run

Album Title: Slow Action
Release Date: March 21, 2006
Genre: Electronic/Rock
A little more demure than their previous work, the Victoria based duo Matt Skillings and Thomas Shields of Run Chico Run has nonetheless crafted music that may be termed eerie pop rock. Their fifth album takes as its base 60s psychedelic pop turned on its head with the sunshine slowly wrung out.

The unconventional instrumentation, weird rhythms and distinct synths create an alternative rock cabaret that is amusingly absurdist. Slow Action is like everyone's eccentric uncle who makes little sense but sometimes randomly busts out bizarre and profound quips. Electronic organs, reverbs, falsetto, echos and other sounds are piled on with such abandon that it makes the Run Chico Run duo seem like kids in a candy store.

Songs like "Clockwork crows" and "famous for being famous" showcase their talent of creating utterly original sounds. The calculated haphazardness manages to bring together the swagger of art rock and the sensitivity of neo-folk, all swathed in irony. RunChico Run are disturbed and completely mad, but we love them.

Writer: Frieda Luk

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