Sunparlour Players

Album Title: Hymns for the Happy
Release Date: June 22, 2006
Genre: Folk
A calm folk sound dressed in banjo that jumps around in the hay starts off on the title track "Hymns for the Happy", which interestingly enough is not their best track, only perhaps the most poignant title. The album picks up steadily on "If the Creeks Don't Rise", which is excellent, yet seems quenched for further production as does the rest of the album. The live DIY sound of the album is endearing, but getting it into the studio would kick it up a notch in overall quality. "Dyin' Today" is one of the best Sunparlour tracks, definitely showing off a worthy direction for the band, the kicking bass line and stomping rhythms that scream "I just don't feel like lyin' today/I want to speak the truth like I was made out of clay/I want to shout/for my Lord."

Sunparlour's Mark and Andrew have known each other since they were five, but have only been a band since 2004, with a friendship that's spanned that long, a love for music and God, Sunparlour have a steady foundation on which to set a promising music career wherever they play.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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