Snow Patrol

Album Title: Eyes Open
Release Date: June 2006
Genre: Alt rock
Irish rockers Snow Patrol have relationships as their main theme and dive into the very presence of love and longing. "Hands Open" has a catchy and energetic rhythm that will draw listeners in, its confessional and vulnerability in the lyrics brilliantly interweave with Gary Lightbody's steady vocals. The surrender in "Chasing Cars" is well drawn with vocal tone and lyrics, "Shut Your Eyes" reminded me of vocals from Semisonic and Coldplay. "Make This Go On Forever" is a solemn prayer that deserves a mention for it's epic nature alone, the bass line and lyrics build and move you to the core of Lightbody's sincerity. Martha Wainwright makes a guest appearance on "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" and does an excellent job at complementing Lightbody's vocals.

Snow Patrol create driving rhythms and relevant lyrics that make them a staple of alt rock from across the pond, definitely a band worth getting into especially if they create more from the same vein as Eyes Open hopefully with a bit more of a rock punch thrown in for good measure in future recordings.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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