The Anselm

Album Title: Anselm, The
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Indie Rock
UK based sub rock band the Anselm compliment melodic rhythms with the focus on their Savior. It's a lo-fi treat to listen to the track "Son of Man" with Stephen McCabe's delicate unforced tenderness streaming through the essence of the gospel story. Maybe it's because they're British that makes them appealing, or maybe it's their unwavering confidence in Jesus. Whatever it is, the Anselm stands unashamed at the door of indie rock with a blend of old school on such tracks as "Jehovah Shalom", and dives into folk rock on "Precious One". I would have appreciated the guys kicking it up a notch, adding some electronic sensibilities with a steady pulsing backbeat, perhaps on their next release, but for now, quoting The Killers, "it's all indie rock and roll to me".

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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