Hugh Cornwell

Album Title: Beyond Elysian Fields
Release Date: Spring 2006
Genre: Rock
Hugh Cornwell went from being the front man in the Stranglers to a solo career that allows him to showcase his personal style and talent.

Cornwell's latest full length solo album is Beyond Elysian Fields, and the first single is "Under Her Spell" which was released on January 31, 2006. He brings his haunting voice to this album once again, proving that he still has the same musical abilities that brought him this far.

Many of the songs on the album are melancholy, but it has its share up upbeat tunes as well. "Under Her Spell" is the first that comes to mind. Then there is "Land of 1000 Kisses" and "Beauty on the Beach," which both combine catchy beats with Cornwell's deep vocals.

Fans of the Stranglers and previous Cornwell albums will enjoy this one because he hasn't changed much. From his monotone voice on some songs, to his low vocals, he doesn't leave his comfort zone, but that's his signature style.

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Writer: Jennifer Nichols

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