So They Say

Album Title: Antidote for Irony
Release Date: March 7, 2006
Genre: Alternative/Punk
So They Say sound a lot like the typical punk band. They have the same quick beats and melody, and the vocalists sound similar to the lead singers of other punk bands. Antidote for Irony does stand out in some ways though. The tracks are melodic and the lyrics are a huge part of the album. The songs do not just rely on that familiar punk sound.

Each song is plain and simple, with interesting instrumentals playing up the lyrics, which are reflective and story-telling. The entire album is revealing and expressive. From the poignant "In Essence We're Falling" and "The Burden" to the more upbeat title track and "Talking in Circles", the band rocks it to the very end.

If you are a fan of punk, you'll probably love So They Say, because even though they sound like almost every other punk band, they have a style that stands out, and they know who they are.


Writer: Jennifer Nichols

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