Rick Temporao & The New Low

Album Title: Down in Front
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Pop/Rock
Rick Temporao and his band, The New Low, have the right idea. On Down in Front they combine interesting music with thoughtful lyrics, not to mention Temporao's likeable voice, and get one great album.

Some songs, like "Fisherman" and "Maniac", could easily be heard on the radio, while others, such as "By the River" and "Chopsticks" stand perfectly on their own. The album has it all. It has a piercing rock song, "The News", and profound ballads, "As Much as You", "Emily the Strange" and "Life of the Party", and powerful and perfect pop songs "Redhaired Girls" and "Tear This Apart."

Down in Front is a combination of everything that is popular right now, and that is what makes it different from everything else.

For more information, visit www.ricktemporao.com

Writer: Jennifer Nichols

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