Jets Overhead

Album Title: Bridges
Release Date: April 25, 2006
Genre: Rock
It is hard to define Jets Overhead, to put them into a specific category. In some ways their first full-length album, Bridges, is alternative, in other ways it is rhythmic pop. The instrumentals are intertwined with the lyrics, making each song almost mesmerizing.

The album is easy to listen to, and the music never drowns out the vocals. Each song flows into the next. From the catchy opening track, "This Way", to the more mellow, "Get it Right", and then on to the title track, which weaves in and out between catchy and mellow. The tracks go back and forth from melodic to upbeat, never leaving their distinctive sound behind. The mix of female and male vocals also adds to the uniqueness, creating harmony in all the right places.

Jets Overhead, who formed in 2002 and released their debut EP in 2003, is far from a new band, but their sound is unique and they stand out among the vast number of alternative bands out there.

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Writer: Jennifer Nichols

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