Album Title: Songs Like Letters
Release Date: August 2005
Genre: Acoustic/Rock
The title of Toronto-based autumneve's Songs Like Letters pretty much sums up the entire album. It is a collection of melancholy but heartfelt songs that sound like letters to lost lovers and friends. The songs are sad but poetic confessions intertwined with melodic guitar, strings and keyboard.

Many of the songs on the album bring up images of nature. Tracks like "The Autumn Evening", "Wind and Rain" and "I'm at Your Door", not to mention the cover art, red flowers through a rain soaked window, put you in a place where love and hope have been lost, but feelings will always exist. That's what these songs do; they make you feel something that music so often doesn't give anymore.

From lengthy tracks, "Treecreeper" and "From Sunrise to Sunset" that let the music speak as much as the words, to the short and sweet "Desdemona" and "Something's Gotta Give", Songs Like Letters tells a story that maybe the listener won't understand, but will definitely relate to.

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Writer: Jennifer Nichols

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