Rob Thomas

Album Title: Something to Be
Release Date: April 2005
Genre: Pop/Rock
Rob Thomas takes a step back from Matchbox Twenty to observe life from a more personal angle. Thomas' wife suffered from illness over the past two years, and during that time he mentioned he began realizing what was important and recorded a journey about trying to find a spiritual center. "This is How the Heart Breaks" pounces on the senses as a fresh rock track that commemorates Thomas' lyrical and instrumental production talents. Thomas' vocals belt out musical perfection to the road trip worthy, "I Am an Illusion" and the catchy "When the Heartache Ends".

The title track, "Something to Be" has defining spiritual undertones, "I've been looking for something/something I've never seen/we're all looking for something/something to be.//" "All That I Am" is very theatrical, delicious arrangements with a variety of instruments which include the Hebrew shofar, Turkish kanun, and Armenian duduk. One of the finest, most unique albums of 2006 so far.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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