The Rocket Summer

Album Title: Hello Good Friend
Release Date: May 17,2005
Genre: Pop
The cover of Hello Good Friend, the sophomore effort from Texas act the Rocket Summer, shows mastermind Bryce Avery dressed for rock'n'roll success, spiked hair and converse, and guitar in hand. He should be shown seated behind a piano (his instrument of choice) wearing a fedora and a tie. Avery is so angel-voiced that's hard to imagine him ever moshing in a crowd. Just 22-years-old, Avery started his music career when he was still in high school, and that's where his music stayed. Not meant to be an insult, the Rocket Summer plays the sort of radio-friendly tunes that teenage girls can't get enough of. At almost an hour the record runs too long, and Avery's warbling, high-pitched voice starts to grate nerves.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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