Album Title: In This Moment
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Pop Rock
In this moment is feel good inspirational pop that will be perfect as background music to video clips of people overcoming personal obstacles. Cynics need not apply. Preeta has a lovely, albeit indistinct voice that belts out tales of the human spirit in utter sincerity. In the chorus in "Rise Above" she emotes about personal triumphs "I'm gonna rise above/This time around nothings gonna bring me back down/There's nothing in my way that can stop me". With the acoustically drive "In this moment" Preeta harps on about being happy, "All things seem to stand still/Waiting for the breath to set sail/good and bad no longer exist". The sentiments are all good and squeaky clean, but though the effusive optimism is a welcome change to the smartass music industry, In this moment seems a little too cheesy and insipid to have any impact.

Writer: Frieda Luk

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