Red Shag Carpet

Album Title: Lift and Drop
Release Date: January 28, 2006
Genre: Indie Rock
Despite the name, Red Shag Carpet is not clamouring to get on the retro bandwagon. They have instead carved out a nice little emo pop rock niche in Edmonton, Alberta. The LP Lift and Drop is the group's second effort showcasing musical range and tight song writing. The album fluidly links folk, pop, and classic rock traditions by way of the piano.

"Overtop" is slow, piano infused and haunting. The guitars bleed slightly and the sound evokes a pensive Wilco. There is a quirky folk rock esthetic in "Lift" with lyrics like "in my fridge there's not too much/ put my face to the ground had a worm for lunch/oh no what's that sound Michael Moore is bringing me down". "Our St. Drum" is distinctly laid back with sparse guitars but still kept taut with tight rhythms. The ballad-y "drawn in chalk" is constructed around a solid melodic axis and provides a soothing denouement to the album. Lift and Drop is made with astute observations and earnest songwriting, but at times runs the risk of being too mild. Nonetheless, the album has good a measure of coherency and sincerity that should appeal to fans of Ben Folds and Spoon.

Writer: Frieda Luk

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