Album Title: This could be a Possibility
Release Date: October 25, 2005
Genre: Pop/Punk
What kind of music can five cherubic faced boys barely out of adolescence create? The answer is Valencia's debut album This could be a possibility which has the sort of unapologetic vigor and manic energy that could only have been produced by the young and unaffected. Inoffensive, catchy and harmonically in sync, Valencia could possibly make waves in the pop punk genre ‡ la Simple Plan and Good Charlotte. You can even feel the excitement and uncorrupted enthusiasm in their delivery; adrenaline inducing drums, feverish guitars, and dynamic clean-cut vocals.

On the thoroughly energetic "Que Sera Sera" Valencia ruminates on lost love "If mountains could talk this one would share its secret its secret with me/of what it has seen of you and the way you move." There are also of course the requisite punk ballads like "Tenth street" and "The closest I am to living life on the edge". Although originality is not the album's strong suit, This could be a possibility is a sonic powerhouse, drooling with hooks and sanitized enough to be bankable and widely embraced by the MTV crowd.

Writer: Frieda Luk

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