Album Title: A Crow Left of the Murder
Release Date:
Genre: Rock
Here's a little trivia knowledge for you: "murder" also means a flock of crows. So, A Crow Left of the Murder refers to the odd bird out, nothing morbid. Well, Incubus had their odd man kicked out of the band and replaced him with former Roots bassist Ben Kenney. Whether this is the reason A Crow Left of the Murder rocks much harder than Morning View remains a mystery. What is evident is that Incubus has returned to their funk 'n thrash roots, upped the creative ante along with their amplifiers. A Crow Left of the Murder is incredibly technical and experimental without sounding weird. Everything is faster, thicker, fuzzier and definitely louder. With an energy level that could only possibly be induced by Ritalin, A Crow Left of the Murder is surges through your speakers and beats the snot out of your sensory system. Wicked.

Writer: Erica Basnicki

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