Album Title: Thanks for your Thoughts
Release Date: April 4, 2006
Genre: Emo/Ambient
Listening to Thanks for your thoughts is like getting into the headspace of Martin Rebelski- who in another realm is the keyboard player for the Doves. A fluid but slightly jarring journey into a series of evocative soundscapes, the album mindfully leads us into a world that knows no harsh angles. Certain tracks like "Three" and "Scarecrow" lull the listener in a reverie of spaced out electronics, cascading keys, gentle beats. But the flow is slightly marred by the impulsiveness of the middle tracks; attempting to change up the tempo snags the astral soundscape and reminds us that we are unfortunately earthbound. Luckily the album reverts back into introspective tenderness in the last couple of songs. "Toy Shop" is sonic bliss, a delicate counterpoint between bell like notes and a melodic base. This is Rebelski at his best, lost in the music and pouring out delicate notes and light rhythms. Thanks for your thoughts works best when understated, and embracing the fragile emo vibe. Barring the inconsistencies the album is a fine piece of modern instrumentalism so close your eyes sit back and lose yourself in the music.

Writer: Frieda Luk

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