Album Title: Sound Mirrors
Release Date: February 21,2006
Genre: Triphop/ Electronica
There is something called being too eclectic. From the guys who brought you Ninja Tunes- the record label and flagbearer of trip hop/electronica- and described on their website as "unruly children who just won't sit still", Sound Mirrors reflects the ADD mentality. Keeping with Jonathan More and Matt Black's tradition of sampling, the album is an extended patchwork of guest artists and styles. Roots Manuva makes an appearance in "True Skool" a South Asian inspired dancehall track. Saul Williams in "Mr. Nichols" provides the talking vocals narrative over down tempo beats, which risk falling on the side of cheesy. There is an obvious retro vibe to Sound Mirrors given the big name contributions especially the appearance of Robert Owens on "Walk a Mile in my Shoes" which is an obvious reminder of 80s electronica. "Just for the Kick" adds to the nostalgic trip sounding like an early 90s euro dance type mix replete with synth bleeps and a thumping base. There are just too many superfluous musical references to make Sound Mirrors coherent. With a measure of self restraint and disclipined editing, Coldcut's sound would get a much needed breath of fresh air instead of just sounding dated.

Writer: Frieda Luk

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